EVENTS: NY CAIC Organizes Lobby Day for HALT Solitary Confinement Act: May 5 in Albany

lobby day flyer


  1. Babara Kirkland Dennis says:

    Than You so much for the kind offer for this overflowing Spirit, As It feels like it is a bit more than the Instrument I started this journey, and especially since I Let Go, and Let God . I’m sure you know the rest, You see my Friends, I’ve been swimming “Upstream”, relentlessly advocating , and serving on every level of this Social Justus System for the past 36 years. My 54 year old Son is scheduled to leave Upstate Correctional Facility SHUE , on the 25th of this month , where he has been since October 21 2013 He is “Our Messenger” as he has touched souls throughout Attica with his untarnished record until the CO with a reputation of harassing Inmates, and a previous complaint filed by Gavin and other Peacemakers on the Honor Blocks for the past 7 years with no problems. It is surely a Full Blown Retaliative Assignment that has caused severe damage to his entire being. The complete Message is forthcoming in October , in our first Publication of O.R.S , M O.T.I C.’s Our Risen Sons

    We are seeking support in our families request to have him transferred to Wende upon his release from Malone. His Name Is Gavin Kirkland Din# 04-B-0841.
    I will present further details on Monday at our Lobby Day.
    Be Blessed,
    Barbara Kirkland Dennis, Founder of M.O.T.I.C. Mothers Of Those In Crisis


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